Why you need Canva templates

Do you feel the anxiety creeping in as the sweat starts to bead up on your upper lip and forehead every time you have the task of creating a lead magnet, challenge, course, or social media post for your business? This is exactly why you need Canva templates to create your high-quality professional-looking graphics and keep that stress level down.

Using Canva Templates to Create Professional, High-Quality Graphics

By using pre-made templates, like the ones I offer, you can create professional eye catching graphics without any design knowledge, complicated software, or hiring a designer to create for you.

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to create beautiful, professional-looking material then starting with a pre-made template is the way to go. This is why you need to use a Canva template. Want to check out what is included in the template I’m offering? Check it out below.

I’m also going to let you in on a little secret. I have used this particular template over and over again in different ways. It has been used in a variety of eBooks, lead magnets, challenges, and freebies depending on what I need it for.

You can get the same use out of it for whatever your business or service is. All you have to do is change out the images, switch out your brand fonts and colours, and add your logo and website/business info. When you use a pre-made template, you have saved yourself hours of time…maybe even days or weeks. Ask yourself how much value is that for you in your business?

Yes….You Do Need Some Canva Skills

But fear not…..there is a ton of videos out there and Canva has their own library to get you started. My favourite Canva Design Team is Ronny Hermosa and Diana Munoz. They also have a Facebook group where you can learn tons of stuff. That group is lots of fun and has design contests, instructional videos, and expert advice. It is also a place for busy entrepreneurs to find a Canva expert to do design work for them.

Grab you free Canva account HERE or by clicking on the image in the sidebar. You can enjoy all the benefits of Canva Pro for 30 days. I know you will love it!

Once you know the basics in Canva you will have no problem making changes to the templates. Your material will represent your brand and will attract the attention of your ideal clients or customers.

End the Overwhelm & Save Your F*ing Sanity!

I’m not going to lie. I’ve bought a few amazing templates over the years. It has saved me an enormous amount of time and headache. Be honest…we’ve all bought templates or ebooks or something on the internet and have scratched our heads wondering WTF we just did. I’ve been there! In my defense, I don’t create for the sake of creating, I create because it’s what I love to do 10 hours a day….every day.

30 Page Template Pin

Whether you are just starting out and want to gain followers quickly, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, by utilizing a template you will save so much time, money, and don’t forget your sanity! I’ve been there!

Here’s a secret…all designers get started by using someone else’s templates and ideas. There’s no greater flattery than imitation, just don’t steal their work. That’s NOT cool 🙁

With my templates, you don’t have to design a single page or change a single font, colour, or image if the template works for you the way it is. You are always responsible for your own content (unless you purchase my “Done For You” templates). All the elements used in the 30 page eBook/lead magnet template is available in Canva (and free with the Pro account). If you don’t have a Canva account you can get one here.

5 Important Reasons Why You Need A Canva Template

  1. It’s like having Photoshop…..only so much easier! Canva is a free, and easy to use online program and app, created specifically for non-designers. This tool is the most amazing program out there for free or the small monthly fee.
  2. Premade templates are a time saver! Believe me, I am endlessly scrolling for ideas, elements, and photos when I create, but that’s what I love to do. It’s my full time job. Your job might be different and you don’t have that time to try to find all those elements yourself.
  3. Save tons of money hiring a designer! Paying for good designers can be daunting. Designers I’m familiar with are making $30/hr, or a little over $10/template for custom work. By using templates you can change what you want…or not!
  4. Stop the overwhelm and anxiety of having to create designs yourself. When designing is not your real job then it is no fun. It’s stressful and can take hours to come up with one design (depending on how much of a perfectionist you are). With a template, the design stress is over. You just have to add your business info.
  5. Grow your email list with an amazing lead magnet or eBook. When you have a gorgeous and amazing freebie to offer on your website, your email list will grow because they just have to have it! Use this template in different ways. Pick whatever pages you want to use that suits your purpose.

Sometimes More Is Not Better

Since I’m in the biz, I see what is out there for Canva designs. Sometimes I see an offering of like 100 templates for $35! This might sound like an amazing deal but just adds to the overwhelm with an abundance of templates…..and quite honestly, you won’t use most of them.

Sticking with a smaller quantity of templates that suit your present situation is the better way to go. I can’t imagine that many. Personally, I have bought fonts in bundles and the same thing happens. I don’t want most of them….just maybe 10 but I now have 40 more stored on my computer. Keep that in mind when shopping for templates or bundles.

In Conclusion

Only you know your situation. You know what you are capable of designing or how familiar you are with Canva. It’s an amazing tool and so worth the subscription for Pro. If you don’t have an account, you can grab a free trial of Pro HERE.

As for purchasing templates, I’m a fan of making life easier which is why you need to get some Canva templates. It really depends on the time, money and effort you have to put into designing your own digital content. I’m here is you need me, and of course, I’ve got templates available in my shop.

Lastly, if you want to design-scroll stopping Pinterest Pins and Instagram posts, check out my blog post here.

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  1. I’ve recently become acquainted with the power of Canva, I was on the cusp of paying someone on Fiverr to design my website logo and decided last minute to give it a go myself via the site. Not only did I design a logo I’m thrilled about it was pretty fun to do so! Consider me a fan, thank you for sharing!

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