How to skyrocket your Instagram followers by being authentic

Skyrocket your Instragm followers

Here’s five ways to stand out and be authentic

  1. You love what you do and want others to gain benefit from your sharing
  2. You feel called to serve your tribe and together you all move forward
  3. You know your specific niche and what they need and want from you
  4. You are a positive influence and love interacting with your fans
  5. You give more than you receive and are interactive with your commenters

Creating the perfect Insta Bio

The most important line of your profile is the Name and Headline! This is what can set you apart from others in your niche and skyrocket your Instagram followers! If your name is not your brand, then start with your business name. Make your headline your showpiece!

Popular Instagram personalities and businesses utilize this valuable piece of property because they know there are only 150 characters to let your followers know exactly what you are all about. Here’s a simple formula:

  • what you do
  • who you do it for
  • give them a reason to visit your blog or website

Inside of all that gooodness make sure to put in a few icons that support your message placed in just the right spots, make sure your call to action is clear, and then make sure you have your link (you only get one) active in your profile so that it shows up below your call to action!

Here’s a copy of my own bio. I make sure to use attention grabbing emojis to represent who I am, what I do, and my call to action pointing to a link to my website where they will hopefully sign up for my freebie, check out my products, connect with me and my social profiles, and read my blog posts.

I also hope they like what they see in my design and aesthetics. I am constantly learning all the techniques Canva has to offer and have been a subscriber for almost seven years.

Here’s a little trick you need to know to achieve the stacked look as compared to the paragraph look. I created each sentence with the emojis in mobile and then went to my desktop version to gain access to the return key so I could get each line on its own. There is no return key option on mobile (on mine, anyways) within the Instagram app.

Your story highlights

These little circles baffled me for the longest time. They are a place where you can gather your stories so that they can live on. By using your highlights, you have another opportunity to show your authenticity in what you do and what you have to offer your fans.

Highlights can lead these followers to specific offers or pages you want them to go according to their interests and what you have to offer. You can highlight your current promos. what you are up to, personal thoughts or images. The opportunities are endless.

You can create branded highlight covers, like some “gramers” have, to keep the aesthetics of your feed cohesive. Otherwise, Instagram will just use the first image in your story.

Define yourself and your niche

In order for your Instagram to skyrocket, you need to define yourself and your niche (or your audience). What is your audience interested in? Instagram is a very social platform so generally audiences are all about pretty pictures and quotes, or looking for something specific to connect with like fashion or health.

Are they looking for inspiration, support, or friendship? Then give them what they want with your content.

Are they looking to learn how you do what you do? Then make sure to give lots of value and share your tips.

Make sure you are always focused on your analytics and know what your most popular posts are so that you can make sure that you continue to give your audience what they want.

Making it pretty and on brand

Depending on what it is that you do will determine what will work for your feed. Most followers want to connect with the person or the person behind the business or brand.

Working with a digital content creator like me, is one way to get your gorgeous feed in place and then you just take over and continue with the template over and over until you want a change. Be sure to sign up and grab my free template.

Personal feeds are mostly daily experiences and images of what they do, while businesses have a harder job to do to keep their audience connected and interacting. For my clients, I like to create a branded 12 square template that will work over and over again that way saving the entrepreneur tons of time and effort.

Writing effective captions

I can’t think of a more tedious and exhausting part of posting to Instagram. It gets tough coming up with new cations, especially when you are doing a week’s worth or more at a time. Ugggggh…..painful :(((

Here’s a winning formula….


Put everything you got into that first line. These crucial first words need to be scroll stopping attention-grabbing content. Instagram only shows so many characters of the first sentence before cutting it off, so make sure you write something enticing.

Here’s a great example by the “Insta queen” herself @Katcoroy. Check out her caption.

You’re thinking….googling what???? You just have to know what you should be googling, so you click more to find out!

Also notice that she uses icons to help draw attention. Very smart and her feed is on brand and promotes her business without looking too “businessy” (is that even a word??)!

First line elements should spark the interest of the reader by leaving off the “surprise by using a few ….. (dots). Instagram thinks that it is a sentence and will place the more there.

You could pose a question that your tribe just has to answer. It’s an ego thing really…they think they are really helping you out, and of course they probably are so it’s a win-win!

Go for an emotion. Stir things up by recognizing important days or events and raising you support and awareness through your post.

Got a new exclusive offer they can’t refuse? Grab the perfect Canva made image of your offer and add it to your post to make that offer just plain irresistible.

A strong call to action

Now that you’ve got their attention “wowing” them with all the stuff I mentioned above, it’s time to move them to action! That could be from promoting a new product or service, to grabbing their email through offering a freebie.

Direct their attention to what you want them to do. Use phrases like “click here”, “buy now”, or “register here”. Your tribe needs you to guide them.

Your call to action, or CTA, should create a feeling of extreme urgency or FOMO (fear of missing out). Using the phrases “for 24 hours only”, or “the first 25 customers only”, or “available for a limited time only”. This prompts your followers to get on it before it’s gone!

Make sure you are speaking directly to them by using you or your to personalize it. Your tribe wants to feel like you are speaking right to them. An example would be “make sure to sign up for…” changed to “make sure you sign up for….”. Can you feel the difference?

Next step is to make your CTA stand out so that it stops the scroll! Colour, great images, emojis, anything and everything that draws the eye and says, “hey, look over here”.

Last tip for your CTA is to ask your followers to tag a friend or someone else who might be interested in what you are offering. You could phrase it like, “tag your bestie so she/he gets the…”, or “don’t keep this all to yourself….tag a friend”.

Be Authentic, Be You

Always speak to your followers like they are your closest friend. Be thoughtful in your captions and CTA. Don’t make it too salesy or fake. Be authentic, genuine, and write from the heart.

Add value to your post by offering tips, expert advice, some laughter or a personal tidbit. Your followers will engage more when then think you are speaking directly to them and they will have no problem commenting on and sharing your message.

How to skyrocket your instagram followers by being authentic

Brand personality in Story Telling

Your brand is an extension of you. It is what you want your followers to know about your beliefs, standards, opinions, etc. When you write your caption make sure your brand is represented. Ask yourself the 5 w’s before you write your caption. If you can get most of those answered then you have told the perfect brand story.

This works beautifully with a video of any kind. Whether it’s someone else in it, or you talking to your tribe. It’s all good.

Emojis rule social media

Emojis are a great way to have lots of fun writing your content and put a smile on your followers’ faces when they read your caption. Social media is built on emotions—hence emojis.

Emojis can take a boring image and make it interesting. What I mean is more for, let’s say, an account that sells bathroom fixtures. There are ways to use great words and emoticons to get the attention of those people looking for bathroom fixtures. Get it??

I use to schedule my posts and create my captions and hashtags. I love the emoji search option available and is so much easier to use than on my mobile where you have to scroll through to the right category…if there is one!

Use emojis but don’t overuse them. Carefully placed emoticons can enhance your follower engagement. Make sure they fit in with the style and message you want to put out there. Don’t use them for the sake of using them.

Keep your caption a reasonable length

In other words, don’t put your whole blog in there, just write enough where to are satisfied but not overwhelmed with info. When you first start out, keep it shorter. After you have thousands of followers then you can get away with not losing them with a longer caption.

Now there’s a “thing” called micro-blogging. I see more and more “gramers” doing it. This is where you do short sentences with line breaks in a new comment after you post. To get that line break, most use a return, a period, then another return. This keeps it easy on the eyes and your readers engaged!


Hashtags are boss to growing your Insta account. Grabbing the right hashtags will definitely skyrocket your Instagram followers. But how to pick the perfect hashtags??

Hashtags are like keywords. When you use them, they put your post into feeds that use the same hashtags and you are all grouped together. I will have to do a whole blog on just hashtags because they are so important in skyrocketing your Instagram following.

A good rule to follow when using hashtags is to include two in your caption and at least six in a comment after you post. That triggers Instagram’s algorithm and analytics.

One last piece of advice regarding hashtags is the rule of thirds! If you use nine hashtags then find three that have over 1M posts, three that have over 100K posts, and three that have between 10K and 250K posts. The chances that your post even gets seen in a hashtag that has over 1M posts is slim, but you never know and it’s still good for analytics and Instagram algorithms.

In Closing…

When it comes to skyrocketing your followers on Instagram, you have to be strategic in everything you do. You have an opportunity to show off your personality through creativity and authenticity, as well as boost your brand, so be thoughtful about what you share with your tribe. Interaction is key!

When first starting out the tendancy is to follow everyone that follows you to a degree, if you see a beneficial relationship can develop. After you get a few thousand followers you need to start culling the herd, so to speak, and focus on your ideal audience. They are the ones who will become devoted and supportive in your goals, plus they have the same interests so there is a mutually beneficial friendship there.

Take care, and don’t forget to check out my templates and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, but most important….if you haven’t tried Canva then you need to grab your 30 day free Canva Pro trial now!

Keep smiling & creating with Canva Pro ;)))

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