Canva Free vs. Canva Pro is a “no brainer” when it comes to creative digital designing

Why you need Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a “no-brainer” when it comes to designing!

I’ve been using Canva since around 2013. I had used the free version for about 5 years until I upgraded and found Canva Pro was a “no-brainer” for me. I started with the 30 day free trial of Canva Pro and fell in love. From that day forward….I never looked back!

You can check out my templates here.

Here’s what you get for free

If you design very little and you are not trying to build a successful business then Canva free will be your option. With the free version you get:

  • brand colours are limited to three, but no building a brand kit
  • 2 folders to hold your designs but not keep your uploaded photos with 1 GB of cloud storage
  • full access to the Canva free fonts
  • hundreds of thousands of free elements and photos
  • no magic resizing option
  • no downloading with a transparent background
  • 8,000 free templates, with option for custom dimensions, are available
  • no gifs or videos can be added to your design
  • built-in social sharing and presentation mode
  • 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, logos, etc)
  • you can still collaborate and share with others

So, as you can tell, it really depends on how much you design content to decide on whether the free version will work for you. You can certainly create some stunning social media posts and other digital content like flyers, brochures, and other items your business may need.

Honestly, I find it frustrating with the limited free options selections, especially when you see all the premium options that are dangled in front of you just out of reach.

Here’s what you get with pro

  • all free templates, logos, fonts, photos and graphics
  • premium stock image library
  • create your brand’s identity with logos colours and fonts in 1 brand kit
  • one-click design magic resize
  • 60,000+ free templates
  • 60+ million premium stock images, photos, videos and graphics
  • upload your own fonts and logos
  • custom templates
  • download designs with a transparent background and customize download quality
  • export designs as animated GIF’s or MP4 videos
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • unlimited amounts of folders for all your photos and designs
  • 24/7 support

The profound differences between free and pro versions

Canva Free Version
All elements from Canva Free option
Canva Pro version
Same image with Pro fonts and effects

More details on the Pro Version

After being with Canva Pro for a couple of years now, it’s hard to remember just how much wasn’t available in Free! The search options available in Pro make it 10 times faster to find what you need. You can search for images in square, vertical, or horizontal dimensions (which comes in handy if you are looking for a square image for an Instagram post), you can search by colour hex code to match your brand, and you can specifically search for free, pro or premium images.

Fonts are what sets your brand apart from all others. It literally makes you who you are. This one bonus in Pro means you stand out from the competition on social media. You can search for free fonts on sites like or, find one that’s perfect for your brand, and upload it to Canva Pro Brand Kit. They always show up at the top of your available fonts before all the Canva fonts. Can you say AMAZING?

The magic resize option is a real timesaver. You can take any document or post, and copy and/or resize instantly to one or multiple sizes. I do it constantly for my social media posts. For example, if I have created a Pinterest Pin, I can resize to multiple sizes at once! I can resize for Facebook and Instagram posts, or even a blog post image….the options are endless! Sure you may have to rearrange the elements and text to fit a bit differently but the time it saves is worth every penny.

I believe the Canva Pro version is 100% a “no-brainer”

If all that I’ve written doesn’t convince you that Canva Pro is a “no-brainer” and have you bolting for your credit card, then you are not a person who uses Canva to it’s full advantage. You are not a blogger, designer, or small business owner. I use Canva Pro on a daily basis, hence the Canva Queen designation 😉

There are just so many great reasons to opt-in that I really could go on and on. I love Canva, and I feel it shows through in my designs, templates, and happy clients. If you want to propel your business and stand out on social media, then Canva Pro is the way to go. Give my free Instagram templates a try. You can grab the form in the side bar or go back to my homepage.

You can try a 30 day free trial by going to this link

Stay smiling 😉

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